CM 01/02 best staff: How to find out the best professional?


CM 01/02 best staff: Here I bring you the best coaches, physical trainers, physiotherapists and scouts. So, let’s find out the best professionals for your team! CM 01/02 best staff and how to find out them? Below you will see the best professionals in each topic to help your team get better. Coaches Giorgos Pomaski …

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CM0102 best players original database

cm0102 best players original database: Who are they? Below I bring the stars of each position of the CM0102 (original database). So, let’s find out! CM0102 best players original database: Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Strikers!!! Goalkeepers Hugo Pinheiro Sebastian Frey Kovacevic, Branko (free transfer) ? ? ? Defenders Mike Duff (right) Julio Arca (left) Agostinho …

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CM0102 greek players: Who are they?

super gregos cm0102

cm0102 greek players: Did you know a Papadopoulos? He is one of the super greeks to add to your team! Let’s find out who the other Greek stars are? CM0102 greek players: Who are they? The best greeks of Championship Manager 01/02 are: Dionisio Chiotis Antonis Voulgaris Alexandros Papadopoulos Anastasios Skalidis Anestis Anastasiadis Giannis Kalogeras …

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CM 01/02 legendary players

Who are CM 01/02 legendary players? Championship Manager 01/02 having many stars, but the legends of the game are not stars in real life. At least most legends don’t exist in real life. So, who are they? Let’s find out! CM 01/02 legendary players: Who are they? A lot of people who play CM 01/02 …

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CM0102 resolution: How to!

Come on and see how to change CM0102 resolution!!! Is it difficult to play Championship Manager with your current screen resolution? Let’s see how to resolve it! CM0102 resolution: How to change resolution? Veja como alterar a resolução do seu Championship Manager 01/02 original. First make sure your CM0102 is updated with patch 3.9.68. If …

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CM0102 update october 2021: It’s ready!

cm0102 update october 2021

cm0102 update October 2021 it’s ready for use! How about upgrading your Championship Manager 01/02 to play with current teams?  Here I bring you the CM 01/02 download updated October 2021! And more! Also, I bring you the Mod that changing Cups, Teams and other stuffs around the world!!! Let’s see how to do? CM0102 …

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Championship Manager 01/02 update 2021: April!!!

Championship Manager 01/02 Update 2021

Championship Manager 01/02 update 2021 is here!!! How about upgrading your Championship Manager 01/02 to play with current teams?  Today I bring you the CM 01/02 download updated April 2021! If you want the latest update, the October 2021 version is now available!!! CM 01/02 Download Update 2021: Download now the April update! Shall we …

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