Championship Manager 01/02 update 2023

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Championship Manager 01/02 update 2023 is here!!! Thanks Champman! Are you ready to play this game? April is on fire!!! Can you win playing with Arsenal? Gabriel Jesus is on there! Manchester City is awesome too! And Chelsea? Oh boy, can you do it? CM 01/02 Download Update 2023: Download now the April update! Every 6 … Read more

Best players for CM 01/02 Updated

Have you updated your Championship Manager 01/02 to the April 2022 version and don’t know which best players for CM 01/02 to use to build your team? Follow me and find out which players to choose for! CM 01/02: Best players for updated version When we start a new save, we struggle about find players … Read more

CM0102 training schedule: The best routine for your team!

CM0102 training schedule: Here you’ll see how to organize training in Championship Manager 01/02. But first tell me, how did you usually organize your team’s practices? I know I know… It takes time and you never know if it makes a difference. But trust me, it can make a difference. Good or bad, but it … Read more

CM0102 cheap players

Here you will see a list about of CM0102 cheap players. Players with free-transfer, under/around 100~300K and in the worst case, players costing around 1.5M. Are you ready to find out? CM0102 cheap players: Who are they? Below you will see a list about transfer under/around 100~300K. Marajo (Brazil AMFC) Mateusz Dobek (Poland FC) Yuri … Read more

Championship Manager 01/02 update 2022

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Championship Manager 01/02 update 2022 is here!!! Thanks Champman! How about upgrading your Championship Manager 01/02 to play with current teams? PSG with Messi, Mbappe and Neymar. Borussia Dortmund with Haaland..  Manchester City? Liverpool? Real Madrid? CM 01/02 Download Update 2022: Download now the April update! Shall we renew our energies to continue playing Championship … Read more

CM 01/02 best staff: How to find out the best professional?


CM 01/02 best staff: Here I bring you the best coaches, physical trainers, physiotherapists and scouts. So, let’s find out the best professionals for your team! CM 01/02 best staff and how to find out them? Below you will see the best professionals in each topic to help your team get better. Coaches Giorgos Pomaski … Read more

CM0102 best players original database

cm0102 best players original database: Who are they? Below I bring the stars of each position of the CM0102 (original database). So, let’s find out! CM0102 best players original database: Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Strikers!!! Goalkeepers Hugo Pinheiro Sebastian Frey Kovacevic, Branko (free transfer) ? ? ? Defenders Mike Duff (right) Julio Arca (left) Agostinho … Read more