Best players for CM 01/02 Updated

Have you updated your Championship Manager 01/02 to the April 2022 version and don’t know which best players for CM 01/02 to use to build your team? Follow me and find out which players to choose for! CM 01/02: Best players for updated version When we start a new save, we struggle about find players … Read more

CM0102 training schedule: The best routine for your team!

CM0102 training schedule: Here you’ll see how to organize training in Championship Manager 01/02. But first tell me, how did you usually organize your team’s practices? I know I know… It takes time and you never know if it makes a difference. But trust me, it can make a difference. Good or bad, but it … Read more

CM0102 cheap players

Here you will see a list about of CM0102 cheap players. Players with free-transfer, under/around 100~300K and in the worst case, players costing around 1.5M. Are you ready to find out? CM0102 cheap players: Who are they? Below you will see a list about transfer under/around 100~300K. Marajo (Brazil AMFC) Mateusz Dobek (Poland FC) Yuri … Read more

Championship Manager 01/02 update 2022

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Championship Manager 01/02 update 2022 is here!!! Thanks Champman! How about upgrading your Championship Manager 01/02 to play with current teams? PSG with Messi, Mbappe and Neymar. Borussia Dortmund with Haaland..  Manchester City? Liverpool? Real Madrid? CM 01/02 Download Update 2022: Download now the April update! Shall we renew our energies to continue playing Championship … Read more

CM 01/02 best staff: How to find out the best professional?


CM 01/02 best staff: Here I bring you the best coaches, physical trainers, physiotherapists and scouts. So, let’s find out the best professionals for your team! CM 01/02 best staff and how to find out them? Below you will see the best professionals in each topic to help your team get better. Coaches Giorgos Pomaski … Read more

CM0102 best players original database

cm0102 best players original database: Who are they? Below I bring the stars of each position of the CM0102 (original database). So, let’s find out! CM0102 best players original database: Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Strikers!!! Goalkeepers Hugo Pinheiro Sebastian Frey Kovacevic, Branko (free transfer) ? ? ? Defenders Mike Duff (right) Julio Arca (left) Agostinho … Read more

CM0102 greek players: Who are they?

super gregos cm0102

cm0102 greek players: Did you know a Papadopoulos? He is one of the super greeks to add to your team! Let’s find out who the other Greek stars are? CM0102 greek players: Who are they? The best greeks of Championship Manager 01/02 are: Dionisio Chiotis Antonis Voulgaris Alexandros Papadopoulos Anastasios Skalidis Anestis Anastasiadis Giannis Kalogeras … Read more