Walkthrough to take over the world in CM 01/02 #Tried

Today I bring to you a walkthrough to domination the world in Championship Manager 01/02.

So, let’s get it started.

Walkthrough: How to win everything you play in Championship Manager 01/02?

This walkthrough has 10 parts and two divisions. Let’s go with the rise.

  • To do so, open your CM0102 (no matter if it’s the original version or updated) and choose any club from any league you wanted.


The goal of this division is to promote you to the top of the league, beat it and then take over the world.

1.) Start by adjusting your team’s workouts as below;


  • Prep. Physics: Medium
  • Tactic: Intensive
  • Kick: Light
  • Technique: Intensive

G-R (Goalkeepers Training)

  • Prep. Physics: Medium
  • Tactic: Intensive
  • Kick: None
  • Technique: Light
  • Goalkeeper: Intensive

2.) Load a good tactic (Not the IodineCF, ok?)

User Aula suggests the tactic 442tapani_as2 because nobody considers this tactic an “abuse” or “cheat” tactic.

It just plays slightly above the others in tactics benchmarks..

So also nothing prevents you from using your tactic. As long as it’s worked in a good period.

3.) Search Player and Staff

Go to search player and staff. On this page we will look for interested coaches.

The tip is to choose the ones that have the highest outfield players attribute.

If the best interested coaches are noticably better than your current assistant, offer them the role of an assistant (once you find one that wants to discuss assistant contract, give them the offer and fire your current assistant).

If no interested party appears, go on vacation (step 4) in one or two months and try again.

4.) Holidays

Enter on vacation with the only instruction set “use tactic“.

5.) How to act in seasons

Once a season (maybe two in the first year) repeat steps 3 and 4 until you win the top tier league in your nation. You will usually go straight up and win

6.) Scouts

Set that some of your scouts follow your next opponents. You should do this as soon as you reach the highest competition in your country.

7.) Repeat steps 3 and 4 until you win everything

If you chose good coaches and an excellent assistant, it doesn’t usually take you long to be champion (Aula says you usually get it in the first season)

So don’t worry about the money your coaches and assistant want or what you have to pay to get them.

Walkthrough to take over the world in CM 01/02: Domination!!!

This division consists of winning everything, every year.

So do it;

8.) Put together a list of the best players

Search player and staff and search for players ages 20 to 30. Assemble the list according to the attributes

  • Goalkeepers: Sort by Handling – Look through the first page – and shortlist any goalkeeper that has high values overall and very high handling. No detailed comparisons necessary — just look at the general shade of red.

For other players, be aware of;

  • Defensive attributes: Positioning
  • Offensive attributes: passing and off the ball

9.) Holidays Again

Go on vacation and choose to use the current game tactics and buy only scheduled players

10.) Repeat steps 3, 8 and 9

Repeat the steps above until you get tired. For those who like it in an easy way, this one.

Test this step by step and then comment on whether you have succeeded. I haven’t gotten it so far.

I have tried this guide and works!

I know, I know that this guide sounds very boring. Anyway, I have been trying and proving your sucess.

So, if you want to win everything easily, this is the guy!

All credits for user Champman forum Aula.

Good game and Take care!

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