CM0102 update october 2021: It’s ready!

cm0102 update October 2021 it’s ready for use!

How about upgrading your Championship Manager 01/02 to play with current teams? 

Here I bring you the CM 01/02 download updated October 2021!

And more! Also, I bring you the Mod that changing Cups, Teams and other stuffs around the world!!!

Let’s see how to do?

CM0102 Update October 2021: Download now the last update from Champman!

Upgrading your database is a way to give a new life to keep playing. So below follows the download link.

Click here to download Championship manager 01/02 update October 2021.

All credits for this update are from the Champman website, which provides free of charge.

Installation Requirements

To upgrade your CM0102, you need to be with the official patch installed – v3.9.68. (If not, click on the link and there you have instructions on how to install it)

How to update your game?

Before upgrading, you must configure the executables – cm0102.exe, cm0102ed.exe, and A.

Enable the compatibility mode option and set Windows 98 as shown in the image below;

cm0102 update october 2021
Click on the image to Enlarge!  Image Source: Champman

In case you want to return to the original database, save the folder:

C:\Program Files\Championship Manager 01-02\Data

In a place of your choice.

After this setup and with the downloaded update, you will open it with your favorite zip program and will extract everything.

With the files extracted, go to the folder where you saved them and copy everything.

You will paste these files into the folder;

C:\Program Files\Championship Manager 01-02\Data

Overwrite everything when it asked.

Now just enjoy the game!

Download the latest Mod version for CM0102!

The GS Mod is a patch that modifies some structures in the game, mainly competitions, with a greater focus for the Brazilian league.

See some changes:

  • the Brazilian Championship has the format exactly the same as the current
  • The FIFA Club World Cup has a format very similar to 2020
  • And many other things

Also, the mod fixes many flaws of the original game.

Just one more thing: GS Mod is a patch that modifies the game executable (.exe), not the game’s database.

So it’s not an update in fact. That way it is possible to play it with the original database of the game, 2001/02.

The Mod always has two databases available to play:

  • The updated, which is made by the champman forum (which is who updates the game in fact)
  • And the original version 3.9.68 (latest version of the game released by Eidos, therefore the most stable).

Download it’s CM0102 update october 2021 alternative!!!

Giovani Santana has already released the October 2021 version of his mod (GS Mod 2021 v7).

Below I bring a direct download option;

CM 01/02 mods: Installation of GS Mod

To install the mod, do this;

  1. Disable your antivirus software;
  2. Run the mod “as administrator”;
  3. Next, next, next, (or próximo, próximo e próximo in Portuguese)
  4. Well done!

The mod creates two executables.

One runs the original game, without the champman update.

And the other runs the October 2021 update.

You don’t need to update again with Champman’s update!!!

Good game and God save Ukraine!

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