CM 01/02 Download Updated 2019: October  

How about updating your Championship Manager 01/02 to play with current teams? Today I bring to you the CM 01/02 download updated October 2019!

Let’s play with updated teams in October?

I haven’t played CM in a while. Really long time. I hope to catch up this weekend.

If I can come update this blog that goes without news.

Yeah, Father’s life has these …

If you want the latest update, the October 2021 version is now available!!!

CM 01/02 Download Updated 2019: Download the October Update Now!

CM0102 download updated

Shall we renew our energy to continue playing Championship Manager?

Updating your database is a way to give a fresh boost to keep playing.

So below is the download link.

Click here to download the October 2019 update!

All credits for this update are from the Champman website, which provides free of charge.

Installation Requirements

To update your CM0102, you must have the official patch installed – v3.9.68. (If not, click on the link and there are instructions on how to install)

How to update your game?

Before upgrading, you must configure the executables – cm0102.exe, cm0102ed.exe, and A.

Enable the compatibility mode option and set Windows 98 as the image below;

compatibility mode cm0102
Click on the image to enlarge! Image source: Champman
Continua após a publicidade..

After this configuration and with the update downloaded, you will open it with your favorite zip program and extract everything.

In case you want to go back to the original base, save the folder C:\Program Files\Championship Manager 01-02\Data\ somewhere.

With the extracted files, go to the folder where you saved them and copy everything. You will paste these files into the folder;

  • C:\Program Files\Championship Manager 01-02\Data

Overwrite everything when asked.

Now just enjoy the game!

Good game!

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