CM 01/02 tactics guide: A quick how to!

cm 01/02 tactics guide

This post aims to be a guide on tactics for our CM 01/02. So in this post you will see:

  • How to assemble a Tactic (What training to use)
  • Instructions for the team
  • Screen with Ball (WTB)
  • Screen without Ball (WOB)

IodineCF, Guga Barça…  None of that, assemble your tactic!

After bringing you the Falcao Garcia, a contractless teenager who can be a huge reinforcement for his team, today we will see a quick guide on tactics.

First, you don’t need tactics like Iodine, Guga Barça and around goes to win. You don’t have to!

And honestly, it’s even dull to use these tactics, especially IodineCF. I’ve done a test with her these days and you get easy, easy…

It’s not funny.

I don’t know why, I’ve always ridden my teams using training 4-1-3-2. Sometimes he climbed the sides forming a kind of 2-3-3-2.

It’s works, but it depended heavily on the players at their disposal.

Now that I’ve started tinkering with the wibwob fields, with ball and no ball, I’m even getting results with half-mouthed players.

Without winding, let’s see how I put together tactics that for me has been working.

CM 01/02 tactics guide: Training

cm 01/02 tactics guide
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Here the choice is free. In cm you earn with any training. But in internet searches, I see that many recommend using a training with 1 or 3 strikers.

They say they’re more lethal. And from what I’m seeing, it is.

I’ve been using formations with 1 Striker, since lately I only play with small team.

I also don’t give up the MDC player, better known here as a steering wheel. And what I see interesting about this position is that players with good pass are doing very well on my teams.

And I used players with almost no marking.  You’re going to understand…

Instructions for the team

Generally, when I start in teams I use the following instruction – short pass, normal mindset, hard play and pressure.

If the team you set up is cool, I mean, with good players, you can start using the attacking mentality.

And I leave it like this until the season is over. With me, it almost never works to change the mindset during games. Sometimes it works when you’re on attacker moving to normal. But it’s rare.

Today during the games what I do the most is to trade player. And sometimes wait too, because I often think about swapping a midfielder or striker with a score of 6 and i decide to wait.

I’m being rewarded for waiting, because these guys one hour score one, two goals…

So don’t mess with it either.

Screen – With Ball (WIB)

In the last frame of the middle, put your attackers and socks practically in the opponent’s goal like you in the image that opens this post.

I, however, usually leave about three players on the rebound. Like the steering wheel with both sides. It’s been working…

Because you’re using the short pass instruction, try to bring your players closer together.

Screen – No Ball (WOB)

Here you will populate your zaga in the first three paintings. Especially in the middle frame. Fill in the spaces with your players.

It is also interesting to advance your backline in the last frames. Help with the pressure and make the opponent get offside. Alias, by climbing your zaga you can activate the offside option.

I see a lot of people using this and saying it works.

A quick guide to CM 01/02 tactics: Conclusion

You don’t have to move too much to do a functional tactic. Before I had never stirred in the fields with /without ball and still saw results.

But today using these screens I see that my teams surrender more.

If you have tips there to share, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Good game!

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