CM0102 cheap players

Here you will see a list about of CM0102 cheap players. Players with free-transfer, under/around 100~300K and in the worst case, players costing around 1.5M. Are you ready to find out? CM0102 cheap players: Who are they? Below you will see a list about transfer under/around 100~300K. Marajo (Brazil AMFC) Mateusz Dobek (Poland FC) Yuri … Read more

CM0102 best players original database

cm0102 best players original database: Who are they? Below I bring the stars of each position of the CM0102 (original database). So, let’s find out! CM0102 best players original database: Goalkeepers, Defenders, Midfielders and Strikers!!! Goalkeepers Hugo Pinheiro Sebastian Frey Kovacevic, Branko (free transfer) ? ? ? Defenders Mike Duff (right) Julio Arca (left) Agostinho … Read more