CM 01/02 mods that updated a lot of stuff in the game! (bugs)

CM 01/02 mods that update a lot of stuff in this post!!!

In this post I bring to you guys GS Mod. It is a Championship Manager 01/02 updated at all! Including competitions, structures…

Below you will see the explanation of the differences in the words of Giovani Santana (creator of the Youtube channel Giovani Santana) about diferences between Data Update and GS Mod.

Date Update

Who updates the database (players, clubs, staffs, etc.) of our beloved CM 01/02, is the staff of Champman, a British forum.

They release twice a year, an update seeking to update the whole world. The last is March 2020.

But it is an update in the database only (That is why the name “Data”). So, the rules and formats of the championships remains the same as the original game, only players are updated.

So, for example, the Brazilian Championship will have 28 clubs and will be in play-offs, as it was in 2001.

If you prefer the game so, this is the ideal update.

CM 01/02 mods: GS Mod made by a Brazilian

cm 01/02 mods made by a brazilian

The GS Mod is a patch that modifies some structures in the game, mainly competitions, with a greater focus for the Brazilian league.

In it, the Brazilian Championship has the format exactly the same as the current, with 20 clubs and in round-robin system, Copa Libertadores has a calendar similar to the current,  The FIFA Club World Cup has a format very similar to 2020, there is the addition of the 4th division in Brazil (although not with the actual format) and many other things!

Many flaws of the original game are also fixed, as well as bringing new playable leagues!

Unfortunately the level of editing capacity in this game is still limited, so even if it is possible to do all this, it is also not possible to make a Copa Sulamericana with a real format, as well as the UEFA competitions (Champions and Europa League) and some state competitions in Brazil.

So if these competitions have not been updated, it was not by forgetfulness but because it is not possible (yet) to update them.

GS Mod is a patch that modifies the game executable (.exe), not the game’s database.

So it’s not an update in fact. That way it is possible to play it with the original database of the game, 2001/02.

The Mod always has two databases available to play:

  • The updated, which is made by the champman forum (which is who updates the game in fact)
  • And the original version 3.9.68 (latest version of the game released by Eidos, therefore the most stable).

Download do GS Mod

Giovani Santana has already released the 2020 version of his mod (GS Mod 2020 v1).

Below I bring a direct download option;

CM 01/02 mods: Installation of GS Mod

To install the mod you just downloaded, do this;

  1. disable your antivirus software;
  2. run the mod “as administrator”;
  3. next next next
  4. Well done!

The mod creates two executables. One runs the original game, without the champman update. And the other runs the March update. (You don’t need to update again with Champman’s update)

Good game!

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