CM 01/02 tactics guide: A quick how to!

This post aims to be a guide on tactics for our CM 01/02. So in this post you will see: How to assemble a Tactic (What training to use) Instructions for the team Screen with Ball (WTB) Screen without Ball (WOB) IodineCF, Guga Barça…  None of that, assemble your tactic! After bringing you the Falcao … Read more

CM0102 Best Tactics! Iodinecf, Guga Barça…

CM0102 best tactics: Are you looking for the best CM 01/02 tactics? We know that using a good tactic is crucial to achieving our goals. For she can often define our victory or defeat. And to use the best tactics is to take an even step in search of the much-dreamed victories. To do so, … Read more

Guga Barça download One of the Best Tactics of CM0102

Guga barça, one of the best tactics to use on CM0102 is now available here for download. After the tactic IodineCF, which I think is the best of the best, Guga Barça comes then. Using a 4-3-3, this tactic is extremely offensive. I like to use Guga Barça in teams with many strikers. As average … Read more

IodineCF Download the best tactic for CM01/02!

IodineCF, available download of this super defense-destroying tactic!!! If you were looking for a tactic that makes your team score goals like never before, know you found it. However, know that your life can be easy, easy… I say that because that’s the tactic. As I like to play with the original database, Brazil, and … Read more