Championship Manager 01/02 Tips and Tricks!

CM 01/02 tips and tricks! Are you Ready?

cm 01/02 tips and tricks

CM 01/02 Tips and Tricks: Codes

Let’s start our cm 01/02 tips and tricks showing codes to help us setting up our team. So, click the find button – player and add the codes below;

  • School: Will list all players who are up to 17 years old.
  • Uni: Will list all players over 17 years of age.
  • No Club: You will list all players without a club, including those your scouts find (without you sending them looking).
  • Sedgeford: Very good players who are without a club will be listed.
  • Retired: All those players who are abandoning professional football will be listed on CM 01/02.

Tip to sell player

  • To increase the number of clubs interested in your player, change their value to the lowest possible value (with the player listed for transfer) and confirm the change. In most cases, new clubs interested in your player will appear. Change the player value to its actual value again. At the end of the process, you will probably have a larger number of interested clubs and therefore you will get a faster sale and higher values. If the sale takes a while and the number of clubs interested in your player decreases, just repeat the procedure.
  • When you receive an offer for a player, always select the player exchange option and choose their most expensive player to trade, add a cash amount to cover or exceed a little (do not overdo) the value of your player (if the player of them is cheaper). Usually the club will come with a cash offer larger than the initial one. If the club accepts the exchange of players, offer their player a contract with a very low salary. The player should not accept such a proposal and usually the club offers their cash value in place of the player.
  • Selling a player who acts regularly on his team is much easier and more profitable than selling a player who barely acts. Therefore, for reserve players, put them to play a few games before attempting the sale. This attitude will streamline the sale and increase your profit.

CM0102 2020 update including competitions

Continua após a publicidade..

How about playing Championship Manager 01/02 all updated, including competitions, bugs fixed?

Scaring and forcing the opponent to surrender

If an opposing player is controlling the game but has low “BRAVERY” you should consider placing man-man marking with a “bad boy” (with BALANCE AND AGGRESSION).

This usually causes the player to avoid one-on-one throws and you can impose more wins on those bids on the opponent.

Making room for creative players

I don’t recommend that you have your creative players PRESS, as that means they should be very close to scoring when you recover the ball.

cm 01/02 tips and tricks: Pressing

The 01/02 is different from 00/01, in it your players will not be able to press all the time without getting tired, unless they have great STAMINA.

If that’s not the case, I use the pressure for a short time, just to avoid the pressure of the opponent.

Defending this attack

If you have worker attackers they can sometimes be helpful if you have them close the opposing defense.

This will prevent defenders from having time to think dangerous plays and often cause grotesque mistakes that lead to many goals.

Maximize the effectiveness of stopped balls

I DEFINITELY recommend that you edit the players who will be in attack and defense on the stopped balls.

Particularly for corners I recommend putting in DEFENSE all players with more than 15 OF IMPULSION and in attack who has more than 15 OF IMPULSION or ANTICIPATION / WITHOUT BALL (for rebounds).

cm 01/02 tips and tricks: Holding the ball

I recommend using HOLD THE BALL in players with high BALANCE, DRIBBLING and TECHNIQUE (especially if it is slow), and if he plays libero or volante, because this will give time for the other joagadores to reach the attack.

Hitting intersections for the area

If you have tall players (Good IMPULSATion and HEADER) in attack try player with advanced sides or tips, and send them to attack, this will create many plays by the tips and many chances of accurate crosses.

Forcing the attackers to run

If you want to force your attackers to move behind the defense just put your position on the NO BALL behind the opposing defenders; this will make him grate to the future point when his socks have the ball, and in the event of an offside, he will return to the original position.

IMPORTANT: I only recommend this if the players have great NO BALL attributes and are not tired.

Other tactics to keep in mind when organizing your team:

  • If an opponent takes yellow card he will be afraid of the mano a mano; Put your attackers next to him to RUN WITH THE BALL.
  • If you have attackers not tired and with great speed and dribble always leave the COUNTERATTACK box triggered.
  • Your captain greatly influences the team mentality; take good care when choosing it.
  • If your defenders are tired be careful with THE ONLINE DEFENSE.
  • Very young and rested players, enthusiastic about the chance even though they are technically weak are usually more useful than good players and veterans, but tired, even if they are starters.
  • Players with low STAMINA will always get tired absurdly if ordered to press.
  • If your players have been touched you should seriously consider replacing it to avoid an injury.

WHENEVER a player’s condition drops 70% means that he will no longer take an active part in the game. Change him immediately because otherwise he will be playing one less.

I told you more about it in the tips post to avoid injury.

cm 01/02 tips and tricks: Influence of weather conditions

  • Windy – Long passes harder, harder to kick from afar, but also harder to defend them.
  • Drizzle – Slightly harder ball control.
  • Dry – Neutral
  • Rainy – Harder to control the ball. Players tend to slip, they’ll get tired faster.
  • Hot weather – Players tire a little faster
  • Cold weather – Players with low WORK INDEX and MOTIVATION will be slightly inclined to just surround and walk on the pitch


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