Tip to spare your players injury on cm 01/02!

Are we going to a TIP from CM 01/02? …It is about injury on cm 01/02!!!

Game running and you cheering for your team to score goals and of course, don’t take it. Isn’t that right?

And when the break comes, what do you usually look at?

Checks only each player’s notes and replaces the worst. Checks the playing conditions of each and replaces the most tired.

Changes the team’s mindset to Attack/Normal/Defensive according to the circumstances of the game.

Does it change the fields with ball and without ball or, radically change the tactic?

Do you do something like that or you don’t do anything?

Well, I’ll share with you what I do and often save my players from injury.

Tip to spare your players injury on CM 01/02!

Before starting the matches, I check my team’s conditions. Avoid the maximum put players below 80% of conditions to start a match.

Because putting these guys in, you run the risk of someone getting hurt.

And always when I’m done the first half, I first evaluate the face notes.

If there’s someone with a score below 6, I’ll go straight to this player and click on top of him. A screen that looks like the one underneath will appear;

injury on cm 01/02

When clicking on the player immediately appears his profile, showing his attributes and etc. Then I click on Injuries & Bans.

I have an assessment whether the guy can get hurt or not!

See the risk that the player in the image above is taking. Nice, huh?

By knowing beforehand, you can prevent the guy from getting injured.

But know that this will not always prevent your injury. There’s time you save the guy and at the end of the game you find out he’s hurt anyway…

If your team doesn’t have anyone with a bad note or an injury in your notes, go to View – Condition.

Make sure someone with a very low percentage is out. Because If you don’t do this, know that there are a high chance of any potential injury as shown in the image above.

If you have a player who plays all your games, don’t be alarmed if on the screen it appears that he’s exhausted!

It’s time to take a break for the guy!

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