How to troubleshoot Error v3.9.68 Langlib and Error v3.9.68 game_conf?

“Error v3.9.68 Langlib.. cpp 479” and “Error v3.9.68 game_confg.. cpp 131”, how to solve?

If when trying to open your Championship Manager 01/02 you come across the errors below;

It is very likely that the installation record of your CM0102 in the Windows regedit has some problem, kind of path pointing somewhere wrong…

And how do you fix these errors?

How to fix the errors “Error v3.9.68 Langlib” and “Error v3.9.68 game_confg”?

With a good deal of luck, just by performing a procedure we solved the two errors mentioned above and soon we can start the seasons in our Championship Manager 01/02.

To do so, do it;

  • Go to your game’s installation folder. Usually is C:\Program Files (x86)\Championship Manager 01-02\
  • In it, look for SetupReg.exe;
  • Give two clicks and most likely, your problem has been solved!

If you can’t find SetupReg.exe, download it via this link. After downloading, extract and copy the file to the CM0102 installation folder and run it.

Again, twist to work!

If even when running the problem is not resolved, do the following;

  • Go to the My Computer icon (or Computer, it depends on your version of Windows) and right-click and choose properties;
  • Click advanced settings;
  • Advanced and environmental variables;
  • In system variables; look for something related to Championship Manager. Finding, delete it and rerun the setupReg.exe file.

Remember to make sure that what you are erasing in system variables refers to Championship Manager. Be careful when deleting anything as this can damage your operating system!

After these steps, your CM0102 will be ready to use!!!

Now is to open the game, choose the main leagues (I lately choose the main Europeans like Germany, Spain, France, England, Italy and Portugal plus Brazil and Argentina), choose your team and try to win everything you can!

Do you know the walkthrough to win everything in CM0102?

Soon I will try to win everything with an Argentine team. It’s going to be my first time playing in this league.

Good game!

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1 year ago

V3.9.68 fix_man..cp4281playing on samsung android tablet …any ideas what this is

5 months ago

Thanks a lot man. Solved my issues.