Championship Manager 01/02 update 2023

Championship Manager 01/02 update 2023 is here!!! Thanks Champman!

Are you ready to play this game?

April is on fire!!!

Can you win playing with Arsenal? Gabriel Jesus is on there!

Manchester City is awesome too!

And Chelsea? Oh boy, can you do it?

CM 01/02 Download Update 2023: Download now the April update!

championship manager 01/02 update 2023

Every 6 months or so, the guys at Champman give us a new database update.

It’s awesome! Once again, Thanks Champman!!!

From the beginning of this blog, I’ve been mentioning the Champman forum for the great work with game updates. Again, thank you very much for your effort to keep the championship alive!!!

All credits for this update are from the Champman website, which provides free of charge.

Shall we renew our energies to continue playing Championship Manager?

Upgrading your database is a way to give a new cheer to keep playing. So below follows the download link.

Click here to download Championship Manager 01/02 update 2023 April!

Installation Requirements

To upgrade your CM0102, you need to be with the official patch installed – v3.9.68. (If not, click on the link and there you have instructions on how to install it)

How to update your game?

Before upgrading, you must configure the executables – cm0102.exe, cm0102ed.exe, and A.

Enable the compatibility mode option and set Windows 98 as shown in the image below;

cm 01/02 download 2022
Click on the image to Enlarge!  Image Source:: Champman 
Continua após a publicidade..

In case you want to return to the original base, save the:

C:\Program Files\Championship Manager 01-02\Data

In a place of your choice.

After this setup and with the downloaded update, you will open it with your favorite zip program and will extract everything.

With the files extracted, go to the folder where you saved them and copy everything. You will paste these files into the folder;

C:Program Files\Championship Manager 01-02\Data

Overwrite everything when asked.

How to win everything in Championship Manager 01/02?

I wrote about how to win everything in CM 01/02 in the past.

The step by step is has 10 parts and two divisions called Rise and Domination.

You start with Rise. In it you’ll adjust your workouts, load a specific tactic and look for best staff.

The goal of this division is to promote you to the top of the league, beat it and then take over the world.

Have you interested in win everything? Click here to read more.


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10 months ago

Meus saves param de funcionar na semana de julho 2003. Ja tentei em 2 saves diferentes. O jogo fecha sozinho, sem mensagem de erro. Usando versao 3.9.68. Sabem o q pode ser?