IodineCF Download the best tactic for CM01/02!

IodineCF, available download of this super defense-destroying tactic!!! If you were looking for a tactic that makes your team score goals like never before, know you found it. However, know that your life can be easy, easy… I say that because that’s the tactic. As I like to play with the original database, Brazil, and … Read more

Alternative Guide About Training on the CM01/02!

Alternative training guide for your team at CM01/02! After taking a leap to see what’s good on the Champman site, there’s a lot of good stuff there, I found this post and decided to bring it here. Guide for training at CM01/02! Do you know which attribute you suffer with each type of training? See … Read more

CM 01/02 Download Updated 2019: October  

How about updating your Championship Manager 01/02 to play with current teams? Today I bring to you the CM 01/02 download updated October 2019! Let’s play with updated teams in October? I haven’t played CM in a while. Really long time. I hope to catch up this weekend. If I can come update this blog … Read more

A little bit about the CM0102 Tips…

About the CM0102 Tips… To start this blog, I start with a text presenting what comes around. This project was born after returning to play our late Championship Manager 01/02, nicknamed with the simple abbreviation; CM0102. Since I had lost the installation file, I turned to the internet to arrange this. And then begins the … Read more