Championship Manager 01/02 Tips and Tricks!

CM 01/02 tips and tricks! Are you Ready? CM 01/02 Tips and Tricks: Codes Let’s start our cm 01/02 tips and tricks showing codes to help us setting up our team. So, click the find button – player and add the codes below; School: Will list all players who are up to 17 years old. … Read more

CM0102 avoid injury: How to spare your players on the game?

CM0102 avoid injury: Let’s see how we can spare our players from injury on Championship Manager!!! Game running and you cheering for your team to score goals and of course, it doesn’t score!!! Isn’t that right? And when the break comes, what do you usually look at? Checks only each player’s notes and replaces the … Read more

Best players for CM 01/02 Updated

Have you updated your Championship Manager 01/02 to the October 2019 version and don’t know which best players for CM 01/02 to use to build your team? Follow me and find out which players to choose for your team! CM 01/02: Best players for updated version When we start a new save, we struggle about … Read more

A little bit about the CM0102 Tips…

About the CM0102 Tips… To start this blog, I start with a text presenting what comes around. This project was born after returning to play our late Championship Manager 01/02, nicknamed with the simple abbreviation; CM0102. Since I had lost the installation file, I turned to the internet to arrange this. And then begins the … Read more