Alternative guide about CM 01/02’s Tactics

This post is intended to be an Alternative guide about CM 01/02’s Tactics.

So in this post you will see;

  • How to set up a tactic (What formation to use)
  • Team Instructions
  • Screen with Ball (WIB)
  • Screen without Ball (WOB)

IodineCF, Guga Barça … None of that, set up your tactic!

After bringing you the myth Falcão Garcia, a contract-free teen that can be a tremendous boost for your team, today we will see a quick alternative guide about CM 01/02’s Tactics.

First of all, you don’t need tactics like IodineCF, Guga barça and so on to win. It’s not needed!

And honestly, it’s even awkward to use tactics like that, especially the IodineCF.

I auditioned her these days and you win easy easy…

So, let’s see how I mount tactics that have been working for me.

Alternative guide about CM 01/02’s Tactics: Tip #1

alternative guide about tactics cm0102

Here the choice is free. In CM 01/02 you win with any tactic. But on Internet searches, I see that many recommend using tactics with 1 or 3 strikers.

To be honest, I’ve been playing with just 1 striker. And also always choose to put an MDC.

So, what I find interesting about MDC is that players with good pass are doing very well on my teams.


Usually when I start in teams I use the following instruction – short pass, normal mindset, hard play and pressure.

If the team you set up is cool, I mean, with good players, you can start by using the attacking mindset .

And leave it until the end of the season. With me, it almost never works to change the mindset during games. Sometimes it works when you are in attacker to normal. But it’s rare.

Today during games what I do most is change players.


wib cm0102

In the last frame of the middle, put your strikers and midfields practically on the opposing goal like you in the image that opens this post.

I, however, usually leave about three players in rebound. Type the steering wheel with both sides. It’s been working …

As you are using the short pass instruction, try to get your players closer.


Here you will populate your defense in the first three pictures. Especially in the middle frame. Fill in the blanks with your players.

It is also interesting to advance your defence line in the last frames. It helps with the pressure and makes the opponent go offside.

By the way, when you raise your defense you can activate the offside option.

I see many using this and saying it works.

Remember to train your team. Here’s a guide how to train it!

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